Buyer Testimonials

Purchasing a house in San Francisco is not easy, fun or enjoyable but Barbara some how made it so. She came highly recommended by one of our friends and we couldn't have been happier with working with her. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the SF market. When we decided to look outside of SF she was just as helpful. She ultimately helped us purchase a terrific house in the city. She helped and walked us through every step of the way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Barbara to any of my friends and family.

Stephen K.

Barbara was recommended to me by several people, all of whom were very pleased with her services finding them great homes. I instantly clicked with Barbara - she's super personable, knowledgeable and really listened to what I was looking for. She was also respectful of my budget and worked within it to find me a terrrific home. She really cared that I was in a good quality home and in a safe neighborhood, and that meant a lot to me. She's super trustworthy and really cares about her clients. We've kept in touch for the past eight years and have even become good friends. I can't recommend her highly enough! (and I still love my place!)

Kelly C.

My husband and I cannot speak highly enough about our experience working with Barbara. The combination of being first time home buyers and participating in a highly competitive real estate market resulted in several months of searching. Throughout the entire process Barbara was a huge support to us and was careful to set realistic expectations. She always went the extra mile to meet our needs and was very detailed and thorough, making sure to explain the paperwork and contracting process. When we expressed interest in a property, Barbara was always an advocate for us, asking specific questions and for supporting documentation from the seller so we could be fully informed. After a long search, my husband and I found a house we love and we were very comfortable making such a big decision with Barbara's support and guidance. We highly recommend Barbara to anyone seeking a honest, experienced and expert Realtor in San Francisco!

Jill S.

Finding and purchasing a home in San Francisco's hot real estate market is not easy. It requires a lot of determination, stamina, knowledge of the local market, connections and patience. Barbara Stein Friedman has all that and more! I'm thrilled that I hired her as my real estate agent. We worked together for a little over a year, searching for a home that met my criteria. Even though the property inventory was low and the market incredibly challenging, Barbara's energy and drive to help me find my new home never wavered. She made sure to try to give me every competitive advantage possible. When a property came on the market, she was quick to contact me. Due to Barbara's fast action and no nonsense approach, I was often the first person to view new listings. Having toured many homes with her, I consistently observed that she knows a lot of people in the SF real estate agent community and has their respect. Thanks to Barbara, I found the home I was looking for! When it came time to make an offer, she was a great sounding board, providing very helpful perspectives and insights. Barbara did a superb job of communicating the offer and monitoring the process. When something unexpected came up in escrow, Barbara jumped on it right away. Thanks to her actions and efforts, within 24 hours she discovered that the concern that arose was unfounded and escrow continued to move smoothly along. I was very impressed by how she handled this incident, especially since it wasn't her responsibility to look into the matter. I whole-heartedly recommend Barbara. She's a very talented real estate agent, an outstanding advocate and a terrific human being. If you are looking for a home in San Francisco, you want Barbara as your real estate agent.

Jodi K.

Let's see. Where to start? Oh I know, 1989. I moved to town and Hill and Company found me my apartment in Cow Hollow where I lived with my first wife, and later my second wife! I didn't know Barbara yet, but when it came time to by a house and the agent I trusted was no longer in the market she referred us to her. To say my second wife (now my ex) and I had different thoughts about what we wanted in our home would be an understatement. But Barbara Friedman didn't give up, and found us an amazing house in Glen Park where our daughter lived the first three years of her life. Then, Barbara found BOTH my ex and I the houses our daughter lives in now. Finding my new home was also not easy. I wanted THE neighborhood, had insane requirements like room for a massive record collection and more. Why the long-winded story? To illustrate the fact that Barbara Friedman is the antithesis of the typical real estate agent. (IMHO!) She is honest, pays attention to what you are looking for, and continues to stay in touch to be there for anything you need - even when it won't mean a commission! And we are NOT easy clients. Wait there's more. Barbara has been a source of advice through tough financial times, issues with the homes and more. It doesn't get any better than Barbara. She is truly the ONLY real estate agent I would even consider working with. She is truly a friend and a trusted advisor.

Dennis S.

Barbara Friedman is such a sweet and courteous person when you meet her that it is surprising how well she can pull off the near impossible on tricky real estate transactions. In my case, I had a timing issue... I needed the equity from my old house to buy a new one that I absolutely fell in love with and had to have at all costs. But I could not get another bank mortgage until I sold my existing house. So Barbara used her charm and negotiating expertise to secure a seller-financed loan that will hold me over until the sale of my old house. A miracle! Even while she was on vacation, Barbara kept abreast of my escrow situation to resolve an unexpected Title issue. True dedication to customer service! Thanks to Barbara Friedman I spent Thanksgiving watching the gorgeous sunset on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean which is now my back yard. Thank you, Barbara!!! You helped make my dream come true!

Tammy M.