“Purchasing a house in San Francisco is not easy, fun or enjoyable but Barbara some how made it so. She came highly recommended by one of our friends and we couldn't have been happier with working with her. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the SF market. When we decided to look outside of SF she was just as helpful. She ultimately helped us purchase a terrific house in the city. She helped and walked us through every step of the way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Barbara to any of my friends and family.”

Stephen K., Buyer and Seller

“Barbara was recommended to me by several people, all of whom were very pleased with her services finding them great homes. I instantly clicked with Barbara - she's super personable, knowledgeable and really listened to what I was looking for. She was also respectful of my budget and worked within it to find me a terrific home. She really cared that I was in a good quality home and in a safe neighborhood, and that meant a lot to me. She's super trustworthy and really cares about her clients. We've kept in touch for the past eight years and have even become good friends. I can't recommend her highly enough! (and I still love my place!”

Kelly C., Buyer

“My husband and I cannot speak highly enough about our experience working with Barbara. The combination of being first time home buyers and participating in a highly competitive real estate market resulted in several months of searching. Throughout the entire process Barbara was a huge support to us and was careful to set realistic expectations. She always went the extra mile to meet our needs and was very detailed and thorough, making sure to explain the paperwork and contracting process. When we expressed interest in a property, Barbara was always an advocate for us, asking specific questions and for supporting documentation from the seller so we could be fully informed. After a long search, my husband and I found a house we love and we were very comfortable making such a big decision with Barbara's support and guidance. We highly recommend Barbara to anyone seeking a honest, experienced and expert Realtor in San Francisco!”

Jill S., Buyer and Seller

“Finding and purchasing a home in San Francisco's hot real estate market is not easy. It requires a lot of determination, stamina, knowledge of the local market, connections and patience. Barbara Stein Friedman has all that and more! I'm thrilled that I hired her as my real estate agent. We worked together for a little over a year, searching for a home that met my criteria. Even though the property inventory was low and the market incredibly challenging, Barbara's energy and drive to help me find my new home never wavered. She made sure to try to give me every competitive advantage possible. When a property came on the market, she was quick to contact me. Due to Barbara's fast action and no nonsense approach, I was often the first person to view new listings. Having toured many homes with her, I consistently observed that she knows a lot of people in the SF real estate agent community and has their respect. Thanks to Barbara, I found the home I was looking for! When it came time to make an offer, she was a great sounding board, providing very helpful perspectives and insights. Barbara did a superb job of communicating the offer and monitoring the process. When something unexpected came up in escrow, Barbara jumped on it right away. Thanks to her actions and efforts, within 24 hours she discovered that the concern that arose was unfounded and escrow continued to move smoothly along. I was very impressed by how she handled this incident, especially since it wasn't her responsibility to look into the matter. I whole-heartedly recommend Barbara. She's a very talented real estate agent, an outstanding advocate and a terrific human being. If you are looking for a home in San Francisco, you want Barbara as your real estate agent.”

Jody K., Buyer

“Barbara is not only a highly professional real estate agent but a lovely woman with high integrity and nerves of steel--an ideal agent to work with! She took on a very difficult sale of our two-unit with a protected tenant in San Francisco's outer Sunset area, a process that went on for some months. She performed above and beyond all expectations, constantly keeping us in the loop and dealing with all the intricacies that came with our sale--including assisting us in signing a contract with our tenant to vacate. During the long and tedious process of our sale, Barbara was patient about explaining the process and expert in negotiating with the buyers. She went to bat for us on numerous occasions to get us an offer over our asking price and responded to all of our questions almost immediately. She is extremely detail-oriented, and she is unfailingly on top of all of the details and timelines, so critical in complex sales and purchase processes! Once we had secured a contract, as we received multiple offers, Barbara 's ability to communicate effectively and also reassure the buyer that everything was on track was critical. Barbara is an excellent resource in the difficult negotiations of credits back for necessary repairs, and I am sure that she her well-honed intuition about just how much to offer saved us money. Barbara has excellent interpersonal skills but she also uses email as well as voicemail effectively and DocuSign for signing documents, allowing us to communicate and respond quickly during work hours. Barbara is clearly one of the best agents in the business and even better, a true pleasure to work with!”

Jana Z., Seller

“Barbara Friedman has handled three transactions for us - two condos and a single family residence. Her organization, attention to detail and professionalism are great assets and truly reassuring, especially down the line when deals get to that point where they need a steady hand at the tiller. In 2010, one of our condos required an extended period of time to market. She stayed clearly focused from start to finish. The other was a sprint - one week close all cash. She got it done on time with even a day's leeway for safety. We had some rough spots during our home purchase and Barbara really helped take the drama out of it and keep everyone focused on the essentials. Barbara's market knowledge and analysis helped us immeasurably on both sides of our transactions - as sellers and buyers. We recommend her highly!”

Greg & Cheryl B., Seller and Buyer

“Barbara Friedman is such a sweet and courteous person when you meet her that it is surprising how well she can pull off the near impossible on tricky real estate transactions. In my case, I had a timing issue... I needed the equity from my old house to buy a new one that I absolutely fell in love with and had to have at all costs. But I could not get another bank mortgage until I sold my existing house. So Barbara used her charm and negotiating expertise to secure a seller-financed loan that will hold me over until the sale of my old house. A miracle! Even while she was on vacation, Barbara kept abreast of my escrow situation to resolve an unexpected Title issue. True dedication to customer service! Thanks to Barbara Friedman I spent Thanksgiving watching the gorgeous sunset on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean which is now my back yard. Thank you, Barbara!!! You helped make my dream come true!”

Tammy M., Buyer

“It has been a little over a year since we closed on our condo in the Richmond district of San Francisco and I specifically waited to write this review of Barbara. I waited because being a first-time buyer in San Francisco is a stressful, emotional, and tiring process, and I didn't want that to alter my review. Now that the dust has settled, I can confidently say that Barbara is an exceptional realtor and a wonderful woman. Barbara subtly guided me through every decision, never telling me what to do (even when I wanted her to!) but always offering accurate information and honest insight. She recognizes that buyers must make the decisions for themselves and that no one can tell you if a home is right for you. At the same time, she kept me from making mistakes, staying on top of every detail and keeping track of the complicated equation that constitutes every potential offer. Barbara is organized to the T, always one step ahead of every participant in the process, and incredibly responsive. She has the patience of a saint, listening to every doubt or hesitation without judgement. I honestly cannot say enough good things about my experience with Barbara, she is a top notch professional and won't deliver less than stellar service. Thank you for everything Barbara :)”

Amber R., Buyer

“I highly recommend Barbara as a real estate agent for a buyer or seller in the San Francisco and Marin area. Barbara is experienced, talented, highly responsive, and exhibits a true understanding of the market in San Francisco and Marin. Barbara assisted me with 3 real estate transactions in the past five and a half years and provided excellent guidance and delivery on all 3 transactions. Initially she assisted me with purchasing my first property, a condo in the Marina district of San Francisco, about five and a half years ago. Buying that first property is a monumental and special purchase for anyone and Barbara is not only the perfect agent to guide you through the process of searching for and selecting that property but also the escrow process that can be overwhelming and complicated. Barbara has integrity, high character and excellent people skills as she works well with all types of personalities and handles all interactions with unparalleled professionalism.

Last year I once again called upon Barbara to assist in purchasing a home in Marin as I got married after purchasing my condo in the Marina and had an expanding family as my wife and I have a son and now a daughter on the way in June. While looking for a place in Marin Barbara exhibited a sound understanding of the market, perseverance, and a determination to help us find a place in a competitive market with low inventory. She worked around our busy schedules to find convenient times to look at places and kept us in good spirits when we were outbid on a place. We ultimately found a place that we love and while we were in escrow, Barbara assisted my wife in locating and scheduling contractors to provide bids for the work that we wanted to complete before we moved in. We greatly appreciated this assistance as my wife and I work full time and were overwhelmed with everything and wanted to move things along quickly as we would be carrying 2 mortgages while the work was being done.

When it came time to sell our place in the city there was no doubt as to whom we would be using as an agent. Barbara assisted us with getting our condo on the market and sold in an extremely efficient manner between Thanksgiving and Christmas with an ultimate closing date in January of this year. Immediately after we provided Barbara with the date we would be moving, she provided a step-by-step schedule of the dates that she had lined up that included touch up paint work, refinishing of the hardwood floors, a thorough cleaning, the staging of the property, photos of the property, brokers tour, open house, etc.

Barbara went above and beyond her duties in all 3 transactions and we are thankful for all her assistance and guidance. Barbara also excels at addressing unforeseen problems that pop up during escrow as they undoubtedly do. All 3 of my real estate transactions had unforeseen logistical issues and Barbara handled each with exceptional attentiveness, sound advice, and ultimate effective resolution.

One of my favorite qualities of Barbara's is that she is extremely responsive to email and phone calls and is readily accessible to her clients, even while on vacation. She jumps on requests and issues promptly. While working with Barbara, when she said she would take care of something or look into something, I always had confidence that the request would be handled in a thorough and effective manner as she proved time and time again that was the case. I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara without any reservations for anyone looking to purchase or sell a property in San Francisco or Marin.”

Frank C., Buyer and Seller

“Barbara was a huge help in getting my mothers home sold after she passed. The home was lovely, but outdated and needed work. With me living on the opposite coast it was challenging, but Barbara stepped in a became a huge resource for me. She worked with the contractors to get the home ready, interviewed stagers and presented them to me for my choice, then did all the work to list and show the home. We had three offers over listing in one day, and I was able to close quickly and remotely. Overall, given the circumstances, a MUCH better and faster sale than I ever would have expected, and I give Barbara full credit for it.”

Bobbi C., Seller

“As a first time buyer, I've had an incredible experience working with Barbara Friedman. She is thorough, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable about the San Francisco market. She is a very thoughtful and kind person--a true pleasure to work with. She took the time and energy to know me on a personal level, listened to my budget, and paid close attention to my list of “likes” and “haves/must haves” when looking for a property. Overall, she made the process of finding a home easy, and stress-free. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends & family members who are on the search for their next home.

Kelly S., Buyer

“From the first meeting with Barbara to discuss our ideal home to her thoughtful close-out gestures, working with Barbara has been the most pleasant experience I've ever had with an agent. Her knowledge of SF neighborhoods is unparalleled and her connections to other agents around the City are tremendous assets for any buyer, whether it's your first home or fifth. In such a competitive market like SF, Barbara understands the sense of urgency one must have to compete and win but also knows where buyers should not compromise. In our experiences working with her, we never once felt pressured into a situation that we were not comfortable with and we always knew she was going to bat for us for every detail we felt strongly about. Her sharp eye when touring properties but also reviewing disclosure packets made the process that much less stressful knowing that she's pulling out details and potential risks from a property's history that we as buyers were likely missing (or simply not understanding). Barbara does not rest until every single detail has been closed out and the buyers are satisfied with their new home. To call her work 'full service' does not do her enough justice. She goes above and beyond to win deals but also to make sure the deal 'lands' for her customers and I cannot recommend her services enough. Agents like Barbara are becoming increasingly difficult to find and she epitomizes every partnership quality that any buyer should want in their agent. We could not be happier with the home Barbara helped us find and would work with her again in a heartbeat”

Nick C. & Danielle A., Buyer

“Barbara was the absolute best realtor we could have asked to work with. She is extremely professional, detail oriented, highly reliable and knowledgeable about the SF real estate market. She made the whole home buying process so much less stressful with her calming presence. What we appreciated most was the time she took to understand what our needs and wants were in the process and remained SO patient with us despite everything. We felt like she would advocate for us at every step of the home buying process and would always ask for clarification from the seller when questions arose. Even after buying our home, we still go to Barbara with questions or advice - my husband and I joke she is so much more than our Realtor, she is like our life coach! We would highly highly recommend her to our closest friends and family. Thank you, Barbara, for making our first home buying experience painless - we feel so lucky to have crossed paths with you.”

Dr. Priya K. and Akshay S., First Time Buyers

“We feel so lucky to have had Barbara as our agent, and there is no one we would trust more to support us in buying or selling a home in San Francisco.

We have had the privilege to work with Barbara for more than ten years - buying our first condo as newlyweds and then, as our family grew, selling that condo and buying a single family home in the city.

She is a kind, hard-working, dedicated professional who knows the city and takes the time to really get to know your needs. She patiently walked us through every step and has always gone the extra mile to make sure we came to the right result for our family.

Barbara is like family to us and has worked with a number of our family and friends over the years. We cannot thank her enough.

Minal and Kenji, Buyers and Sellers

Barbara Stein Friedman

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